Yoga Therapy

There are times when we all need to leave the noise and distractions that pull us in so many directions. We need a venue and pattern interruptions to that we can drop gracefully inside for some time to retreat, restore, reflect, remember, and rejuvenate.

Sukha Yoga Retreats provides this experience to return to the place of deep, constant happiness... sukha.





Orcas Island Retreats
Travel up on Thursday.

Yoga Schedule:
Friday morning: 9.30 -1.30 and evening: 5.30-6.30
Saturday morning: 9-1 and evening: 5.30-6.30
Sunday morning: 9-1
Monday morning: 6.30 -9.30

You are responsible for booking your own rooms, and may start doing so now:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday fternoons: Free to explore the Island, resort mineral soaking tubs, or curl up with your favorite book (or nap).

Space limited to 16 people this year.
Sessions will be more specific and catered to the group this year. We will be Reverse Engineering some of the classic and some of the more challenging Yoga poses. Sybil will brings props to support more of a therapeutic feel and some evening restorative classes. The spiritual sessions will be diving deeper into some of the Yoga Sutras and supported by a mix of poems, exercises and channeled sessions

Space limited to 16.

Winter Retreat: April 19th-22nd, $280 USD

Time: Friday, 9:00am - Monday, 12:00 noon  

Winter Solstice Celebration: Balch Hotel, Dufer OR
In celebration of the winter solstice we will explore traditions of burning away the old and welcoming the new. Winter solstice takes us into the fire of purification and preparation for the dark days of winter while also celebrating the coming of the light. Be prepared to shed some layers, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The schedule will include: a beautiful spiritual practices in the evening and a morning class intended towards shedding the old and welcoming the new with fire ritual, spiritual clearing and welcoming of the coming light.

Arrival time firday before 5'oclock. Yoga class 5-7.

Early morning yoga at 7. breakfast to follow.

We have the lodge reserved for our exclusive use during this evening. We will have a light dinner and breakfast.

Baltch Hotel, Dufer OR

December 21-22, 2013 Winter Solstice Celebration

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Contact Sybil for more information or to reserve your space for all events.