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Sukha is the state of lasting wellbeing and deep happiness that manifests itself as we free ourselves of afflictive emotions and allows us to see the world as it is, without veils or distortions.

Sukha is a Sanskrit and Pali word that is often translated as “happiness" or "ease" or "pleasure."

Sybil chose this word for its association with happiness. Her ample life experiences enable her to move into a deep understanding of the ease of sukha. In our Physical bodies if we can move from a place of pain free ease we will move into the layers and layers of freedom and discovery.

If we remain in the patterns of sorrow and or pain or dis-ease this will be deepening those grooves or sumkara.

Are you interested in a new pattern?

Sybil brings you to find the ease in your Yoga, Your Life and your way in the world. Sybil is interested in meeting you where you are, rather than fixing or changing anything. Together look into ease of movement and by doing so find the happiness, ease and pleasure of Sukha Yoga.

Ask and you will receive.





Sybil Nance lives her life in a very full, open-minded, honest, and conscious way. She lives in Hood River, Oregon with her family and is a yoga teacher, officiant and spiritual intuitive.
Sybil's work has evolved into spiritually infused therapeutic group classes and private sessions Sybil has practiced and taught yoga for over 15 years. She has led trainings and workshops internationally and is currently focusing on retreats a bit closer to home in the pacific northwest of Canada and the US.
Sybil's yoga retreats combine slow thoughtful Asana, meditation sessions, journaling time, and satsang with yogic and ayruvedic teachings. Sybil has a unique gift of sensing the needs of your group. Sybil's teachings become a spontaneous and glorious journey into living awake and fully present to all life can be.
Please see if this work touches you. If it does, it's just about the universal principles coming into your life.

Sybil Nance 541.490.6082